Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Prayer Thoughts

One hard thing we've encountered in ministry is in prayer. It seems to be the most often forgotten part of what we do... ironic. We talked today about how we can inject the DNA of prayer into our movement. Here's what we came up with:

-Instead of resorting to asking our students to 'do' more, we want to ask them how God is moving through their prayer times.
-Ask students we meet with how we can pray for them & then pray with them.
-Pray with students throughout the week
-Spend a lot of time during discipleship praying
-Help them to see it's not a duty but is an ongoing conversation
-Weekly emails about prayer
-Forward barb francis prayer emails
-Index card calendar - pray for one thing a day, praying scripture they can pray outloud
-Model it!
-Take a week and let ministry ONLY be prayer
-Have students take steps of faith that are beyond them that would put them in a place to pray
-Invite students to campus prayer time, do a 24-7 prayer.

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