Monday, July 16, 2007

Ready For The Kiddo To Come

Three days left until our due date and we have been flooded with a barage of questions about whether or not we are ready. The answer is most certainly YES! We are ready to meet this little one... to see what she looks like, to hold her little hands, to see if she has red hair or blue eyes, to just begin this next season of life.

It sure does feel like she will never come. I have been dilated to 1cm. for three weeks now, and I am beginning to think that she doesn't want to come into the "real world". It has been a long 9 1/2 months... that is for sure. I am still sick some mornings and ready to not be pregnant anymore. Eventhough what is in store is a lot of pain, not very much sleep, and a sore body, we are ready to get this thing moving. And so are the grandparents! Pin It

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