Thursday, August 16, 2007

Avery's Cuteness & Mom's Exhaustion

I was up at all hours of the night last night... exhausted, delusional, and overwhelmed at our crying baby. I have gained a new appreciation for mothers, especially my own. I know that my mom probably was up for hours with me when I was a baby, and I am in awe of her. It really is the grace of God that gets moms through sleepless nights (and days). But... in the midst of a long couple of days for me, I snapped a couple of really cute shots of Avery. She is a precious little girl and Brian and I love her dearly. She makes the funniest faces!

If you think of me... please pray for endurance and rest. Pray also that the Lord would give me wisdom to know how to best meet Avery's needs.

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