Wednesday, October 17, 2007

15 Seconds Of Silence

My sister said the other day, "It's hard to believe that Avery cries, because all the pictures and videos are all so cute of her... and I only seem to see her on the webcam when she is in a good mood." So, here you go Andrea... proof that I have a fussy baby. Enjoy! :)

It is kind of a pathetic cry here... but trust me, it gets much much worse. And makes me want to pull my hair out most days. I am most certainly looking forward to days when she doesn't scream her head off.

In fact, right now, as I am typing this she is crying in her crib needing to take a nap. There was just 15 seconds of silence... sadly, those were a beautiful 15 seconds... now replaced by crying. "Oh Lord, please give me another 15 seconds of silence." Pin It

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Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

ok...not that I didn't believe you! Poor Avery and you...and Brian too! I wish I was there to help out. I really love you guys tons and miss you even more.