Sunday, October 21, 2007

Avery's First Trip To The Hills

So, we had our fall retreat this weekend and it was Avery's first time up in the mountains. It was beautiful up there, but it was SOOOOOOOO windy! The wind actually knocked out the power at the YMCA camp we were at. Avery didn't like the wind so much, she pretty much held her breath every time we were outside.

Avery was a champ for most of the weekend... most of it. hahaha. Here she is with Brian helping out with the registration table where students check in.

And then, on Saturday afternoon, Brian and I had the BRILLIANT idea of going into town to walk around a bit. Big mistake! We got out of the car (Avery was actually asleep at the time... a miracle of miracles) and we started on our way. We snapped two cute pictures and then Avery woke up and started screaming. Oh, what a joy. So, our little excursion turned out to be a mild nightmare. Instead of sitting down for lunch, we got Taco Bell drive thru. And I drove while Brian ate (Avery fell back to sleep in the car)... we drove and drove and drove. Not quite the afternoon we had hoped for.

When we got back to the lodge, Avery's hat had slid down over her eyes... it was very cute and a good reminder that our daughter still has cute moments.

I did end up leaving a day early from the retreat because it was too hard to be there with Avery. I was really sad to miss my first Getaway in 11 years... long time. So, it was a hard ending to the weekend. I sure did love being up in the mountains though... at least I could look out the window and see those beautiful peaks as I was holding a screaming baby. Pin It

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You with us said...

It is so funny how looking at these pictures you would never guess what your afternoon was like. That must be why people with grown up children often can't remember the difficult times very clearly. Looking back at these pics in 5 years who knows if you'll remember the screaming. Man, is that girl cute. Sounds like she's also got a set of pipes.