Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beautiful Girl

This past week has been a trying one for us. After having Avery waking up only once a night, she slipped into a funk of waking 3-4 times. And her fussiness has gotten a bit worse. Exhaustion and sadness took us over for a while and we have both felt like we are at the end of ourselves. After a few conversations with friends and our doctor, we are going to pursue seeing if Avery is allergic to dairy. (Bummer for me... I love ice cream!) Our hearts have just broken over this little girl who seems to be in pain. Anyhow... in the midst of our tears and tiredness, we have found ourselves captivated by the beauty of our daughter. We have tried to spend time looking into her kind and soft eyes and really feel as though the Lord has helped us to love her more. We don't "enjoy" these days per se... with the crying and such, but we do love our beautiful little girl.

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You with us said...

Yes, she is beautiful! How can you resist eyes and cheeks!