Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun Pics Of Avery

I just thought I would post a few cute pics we have taken recently. We are enjoying Avery more these days... her personality is continuing to surface and our predictions are that she is going to be a fun and extroverted little kid. Not surprising knowing her parents. :)

An after bath time picture... she loves taking baths, she just looks at me and smiles the whole time.


All dressed up with dad... I LOVE this picture, what a great smile! It was Avery's first time in a dress. We were going to be heading to church and then she fell asleep in her room... we weren't even going to think about waking her up.

My sweet baby girl!

Look at that belly! You'd think that we weren't feeding her or anything.
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1 comment:

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

I absolutely love these pictures! I can't get Rachel to smile for the camera yet but I love all the cute dimples you've gotten so far! She's huge too!! Healthy kid. I can't wait to hold her.