Monday, October 01, 2007

Funny Explosion

So, yesterday we went to church for the first time with Avery. She did great! However, while I was in the nursing moms room feeding her (alone thankfully) she proceeded to poop as I was feeding. Well, she had the most colossal explosion I have ever seen!

I was sitting there and heard her poop and thought, "Oh, she's done this before, it'll be okay." Then she pooped 4 more times! I then thought, "I wonder if I should unlatch her and change her diaper?" And THEN, I began to feel something warm and wet on my leg... yes, GALLONS of pee! So, needless to say I hopped up and got to her the changing table, looked back to see a puddle where I had been sitting.

I just had to laugh! I also looked at her back (which, by the way, she was wearing a cute dress and sweater... too bad for those) and there was poop all the way up to her neck! I thought it was SO funny that we just happened to be at church when this all went down.

Brian just happened to walk in to check on us and he cracked up! He took her dress and washed it off while I used about 10 wipes to clean off Avery's back. Meanwhile, she just sat there as content as could be! HA HA HA!

So, we got her changed into a new onesie and I finished feeding her. I, however, didn't have a change of clothes. Thankfully I was wearing brown pants and you couldn't see anything. I could sure feel it though. It felt like I had wet my own pants!

It was a great and hilarious way to enter back into life at church! And on her 2 month birthday none the less. Pin It

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You with us said...

Perfect timing. Glad you could appreciate the humor even during the moment. Good to start collecting those stories to tell her when she's fifteen.