Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lesson From Getaway

This weekend was a neat time for 80 of our students to get up to the mountains and encounter God at our Rocky Mtn. Getaway. They had a blast!

I also had a couple of BRIEF moments to think about my walk with the Lord too. One question the speaker posed the students was, "Do you measure the "success" of your walk with God by the depth of your dependence on Him or by your giftedness and behavior?" Such a great question, especially in light of my season of life. I was challenged by the thought that God wants me to DEPEND on Him and not merely use my gifts and abilities FOR Him. And when I find myself stuck at home all day every day, I feel like I rarely get to use my gifts anyhow, so it was a great word for me. I want to depend on the Lord and cling to Him... He's all I've got and all I need. I really want to remember that daily. Pin It

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You with us said...

Mmm, sounds like good stuff. I often want to feel good about using my abilities and all I have to offer. Not exactly what He wants, huh.