Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Tasty Lower Lip

It seems like most of my days are spent talking to myself. I feel a bit crazy at times because I go through my day talking out loud to no one (or Avery) like, "Do you think I should make some lunch?" "Mom has to go potty, I'll be right back." "Man, I have smelly armpits, I think I need to take a shower, after all it's been three days." (Perhaps that is too much information) Avery pretty much just sits there... as to be expected. What can you do?

Her new thing this past week has been sucking in her lower lip. It is so funny. We can hear her doing it from across the room. It is a loud slurping sound. Brian and I have tried so many times to catch it on video, but every time we put the camera in front of her she just stops and stares at the camera (also, very funny). Anyhow, I finally caught her in action.

The last three months have been incredibly exhausting... motherhood is far harder than I ever thought it would be (props to ALL moms out there). So I am relishing in these moments of her beginning to laugh and smile. They make my heart full.

She was just staring at me, probably thinking, "My mom is so strange... but she makes me smile." And I just adore that she has a little dimple on her right cheek. I just want to eat it up! Pin It

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kcknoles said...

rachel & brian...

I am amazed that you have time to post so many fun blog entries with a newborn! Avery is so cute and I loved the videos of her little sounds. I wish the sounds would stay that cute and quiet forever!

Hope you guys are doing well! Take care!

Carrie Knoles