Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Wants Jelly Beans?

Avery celebrated her first Halloween as a bag of jelly beans... and who wouldn't want to eat up these?

She was SO cute and the funniest part was that she didn't smile even once. Pretty hilarious actually. She had just woke up from a nap and we went to a friends house and took some pictures with their kids.

Kate, Luke, Avery, & Brian... getting ready to head and get some CANDY!

Avery & Ben... a future match? We'll see...

We tried everything to get her to smile, but I think she pretty much was out of it... and probably didn't want to be wearing a costume. When I made her costume it also fit her much better than it did tonight... her belly has expanded a bit which made for a tight fit around the middle!

And so we went "trick or treating" to a couple of neighbor's houses mostly to show her off. It was a kick for us, and we were proud of her for not having a meltdown.
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Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

She is absolutely adorable! I love that you made this outfit. Just wait till you see how small Malachi's monkey costume was...yeh I thought it would work!! HA HA!

You with us said...

Who wants jelly beans? Me! Me!