Monday, November 26, 2007

100 Gallons of Water

After a wonderful week with my parents for Thanksgiving, Brian and I walked into our house and discovered that our basement had flooded. Yikes! One of the sprinkler pipes broke in four places (thanks to the people who owned this house before us... they did a good job of jerry-rigging the system and had pipes above ground). Anyhow, we walked in and saw about 2 feet of water in the window well of our office and buckets of water flowing all over our computer and our desk! Not quite how we had invisioned coming home.

Well, Service Master has been at our house for the past two days (great guys!) and have done a ton of work to help us! They vacuumed up 100 GALLONS of water from our basement!!!! All of the carpet padding is gone, along with both bathroom vanities and a number of walls. We had to move everything into our garage... thanks to all our friends here! And we probably won't be able to move stuff back down for a month!

God really has given us both peace about this whole situation though, and I find myself strangely calm. I just look at our family and feel so blessed that we are together and that we have sweet Avery. Our house is just "stuff" and I know it will all get taken care of. If you are reading this, I would love to ask if you would say a quick prayer for us and this situation. We found out that insurance will probably not cover any of the costs... which may be anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 after all is said and done. You can pray for three things: Peace, Provision, and Thankfulness to be true of our lives.

Here are a few pics of our basement which is a total disaster area right now...

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You with us said...

Rachel, I am speechless. I remember loving your downstairs. You both had done such a nice job with it. I will definitely keep praying for you guys. Wow.

BurgessFamily said...

yikes! Sorry about the flood. However look on the bright side, Avery is ADORABLE! See y'all soon.