Saturday, January 19, 2008

And We're Off!

Well, we started gearing up for another semester on campus. We have thought often that we are now becoming the "old staff members" now... most of the staff we work with now are just out of college. It is strange that we have been on staff for almost 8 years now. We really have grown a lot during these years though.

As we get ready for another semester we are asking for prayer:
~That God would renew our hearts and draw us near to Him. We want to fall in love with Him afresh.
~That God would move in unprecedented ways in the lives of the students we work with.
~And that we would not depend on ourselves to see God's Kingdom come, but that we would simply join Him in what He is doing.

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You with us said...

This post always reminds me to pray for you and since it is still your most current I will be patient for more photos of that huggable Avery and keep praying for this semester on campus.