Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks For Showing Me Your Food

Avery loves to eat... as if you couldn't tell by her cute chubby cheeks! We have so much fun feeding her and she cracks us up much of the time while we are doing it. She has gotten into a funny habit of going "aaaahhhhh" right after we put food in her mouth. It's hilarious! You gotta love pictures of kids with food all over her face... avocado and squash to be specific here.

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You with us said...

What a sweet girl! I feel so happy thinking of how blessed she is to have parents that enjoy her so much. Love how her face masterpiece matches her bib.

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

She is most deffinetely headed to be a stinker like her folks! I love this. And Rachel Eliana loves the two veggies too...but so far prunes are what ends up all over her face.