Sunday, May 04, 2008

Staff Retreat '08

We just got back from our end of the year staff retreat up in Steamboat Springs... had a great time. It feels good to wrap up the year and step into having a few days of rest before we head out for summer project. Avery got to hang out with the other staff kids (there are 4 others)... she LOVED laughing with them, playing, staring at them, and being the center of attention. She also got to go swimming in a pool for the FIRST TIME! She looked so cute in her little bikini, with her belly rolls hangin' out all over the place. Here are some pics of the kids & Avery from our trip.

Lacy, Ben, & Avery

Avery thought it might be fun to grab Ben's hair

Kate & Avery (they were buddies this weekend)

Avery's first time in the pool

We hung out in the pool for a long time... Avery loved it!

Laying on the floor

Kate & Avery hangin' on the bed in the morning

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