Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Birthday

July 31st was Avery's one year birthday! I can't believe it and at the same time am relieved to have made it through the first year. She was precious. We opened presents which she had not one clue what was going on, but loved tearing the paper. And went to a great park in town. It was so fun to have family and friends with us!

Avery was hilarious when it came to eating her cake... she is normally a 'chow down' kinda girl. But with her cupcake, she just starred at it and slowly picked at it for 20 minutes. She licked the frosting off and it eventually made it's way all over her arms, face, and legs... precious.

As I think back to the past year with Avery, I am both exhausted beyond belief and thrilled to have the privilege of knowing this sweet girl of mine. Here are some of Brian and my highlights of Avery's first year of life...
1. The first glance into her big, dark eyes when they put her on my belly after she came out.
2. The first night in the hospital looking at her... we just watched this video last night and thought you might enjoy it. It makes me cry every time. :)

3. Her first gut laugh
4. Watching her sleep
5. Enduring through the months of crying and screaming and to now look at my daughter and feel bonded to her because we went through the trenches together... we endured the battle
6. Her first crawl & steps... so fun!
7. Watching her learn so fast... signing for 'more,' 'all done,' 'eat,' 'baby,' and 'potty'
8. Her cheesy face
9. Looking at her a lot
10. Holding her, feeding her, and just falling in love with her... she is awesome! Pin It

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