Saturday, November 15, 2008

Playtime With Rachel

Avery and her cousin Rachel are only about a month apart and they seem to have the best time together. Although I have a feeling that Rachel feels a bit overwhelmed by Avery's enthusiasm at times. Rachel was over the other day and Avery was loving it. I put together a little "montage" of some of their playtime fun... chasing each other, laughing hysterically, Avery reading to Rachel, and, of course, sharing their snacks (notice that Rachel's mouth is EXPLODING with crackers!). I don't think I have seen Avery laugh so hard. Enjoy!

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Marcy said...

That is so cute - love the part when Avery is pointing to the pictures in her book, like she is teaching Rachel or something. How sweet for them to be so close in age.

You with us said...

Avery is so cute. I love how outgoing she is. She definitely seems like she is going to be a leader. Hard to parent, but super great for her future.:)

Mandy said...

Wow...Rachel, your laugh makes me smile so much! How much fun must your home be for Avery! She is delightful.