Monday, March 02, 2009

Avery Loves...

Look at this! "Oh my" is about all I can say as I look at this picture. To see this little stinker, whom I adore, looking so cute!

Wanted to give a bit of an update into our little girl and things she is into. Avery really is full of energy and life.
She loves to run in place (good aerobic exercise and random).
She loves to talk ("no" is a daily part of her vocabulary).
She loves Elmo (sometimes to the point of obsession).
She loves going on walks and chasing cats (unless they get too close, at which point she freaks out).
She loves to build towers out of blocks and then knock them down immediately (a fun thing for mom to clean up).
She loves to look at pictures of herself (literally could do this for hours!).
She loves to color and play with stickers (for all of 2 minutes).
She loves balloons (especially trying to catch them).
She loves to read books (I've read some of them well over 100 times).
She love to grab my hand and say "I SEE!" (which translates, "Let me show you something mom!") and drag me around the house sometimes aimlessly.
And Avery loves to dance (her recent favorite is the "Ray" album). Pin It

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