Sunday, March 22, 2009

Words Of Hope

This morning has been a tough one. Day 3 of Avery in the dumps of sickness. With high fevers, crying, fussing, coughing, and wheezing, this has been a tiring few days for all of us. To add on to her RSV, she also has an ear infection... that would explain the fussiness. I was holding her this morning and she sneezed a nice deposit of snot all over my hand... nice. :)

I feel tired and in need of fresh perspective today.

Hope (yahal & tiqwa in Hebrew), in the biblical sense, has little to do with wishful thinking and everything to do with confident expectation. Hope is rooted not in circumstances but in God himself. Hope has been described as an anchor for our souls because it is grounded in the unchanging nature and intentions of God. Hope steadies our hearts by enabling us to wait confidently for what we desire most - the joy of living in God's presence.

I LOVE what this says! If God's intentions for us are that we lived loved, then I want to live hopeful and not fearful because He is for me. Motherhood has caused me to see my intense need for Jesus... this little sickness Avery is going through has brought me to my knees. And I don't want my circumstances to dictate my hope or lack thereof in God's deliverance. Pin It


You with us said...

I am so sorry sweet Avery is still sick. Thank you for your encouraging words during your difficult time. You really are using the words God is using to comfort you to comfort others. Where does it say that? Corinthians or something?


Aaron, Andrea, Malachi and Rachel said...

Thanks Rach...I love this devotion/book you're reading. We keep praying for cousin Avery and miss her tons...and of course we're praying for you and Brian...let us know if you need ANYTHING!

Jessica Bott said...

Praying for you two and little Avery!!

McBunni said...

How's Avery???