Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hail Yeah

Is the sky falling? Oh no... that's just grape-sized HAIL. Here's a nice pile of it in our breezeway.

Today we had the most outrageous hail storm I have ever seen!!! It was so loud we could barely hear each other inside our house. We just watched out the window in amazement as the street became a white slab of ice. It was crazy! Our yard and I'm sure roof, had some significant collateral damage. My garden is thrashed... total bummer. We'll see if any of my plants survived the onslaught. Anyhow, enjoy the footage.

As you watch the video, notice the leaves being BLASTED off the tree and that Avery's poor pool is also looking a little sad. And I sound like I am yelling on the video because I couldn't hear anything.

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McBunni said...

What????....I didn't quite hear you. =)

You with us said...

I just watched the video. I bet this feels like a long time ago now. Any recovery in the garden?