Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery!

Getting the paper with dad on her birthday... a daily ritual.

Avery had the biggest eyes when she saw this huge Elmo & a huge Cookie Monster inside!

Pin the nose on Elmo... Emma won this game!

The pullstring pinata was a little anti-climatic with no candy coming out!

Which made the boys in the group excited to beat the pinata silly... it was hilarious!

Avery & Grandma... say "CHEESE!"

This was Avery's big present... a play kitchen... I think the other kids played with it more that day than she did! :)

Our tongues were beet red after eating that Elmo cake!!!

She LOVED the cake!

All things Sesame Street for Avery's 2nd birthday and it was a total blast! She did great and loved watching people. Her sweet friends blessed her so much. Pin It

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