Sunday, October 18, 2009

Calling All Moms

I am sending this out to any moms because I need your wisdom and advice. Brian and I are feeling a bit nervous about switching Avery into a "big girl bed" and would love to pick your brain. Avery has not been the best of sleepers and her new favorite thing to do is have a little jumping party in her crib instead of taking naps... EXHAUSTING for me b/c it means I don't sleep either.

So... if you are reading this and you have ever had to switch kiddos from crib to bed, can you let us know anything that worked or didn't work for you. We are open to anything and just want to start thinking now so we have some ideas of what to do. AND... knowing that baby schultz #2 is on the way in April, we want to be wise in how we do this whole thing.


Now I am off to try to catch a few minutes of rest before Avery wakes up... yes, she is actually asleep today! PTL. Pin It


Michelle said...

Hi Rachel!!!
I'm sorry you have sleep drama over there....I tell you what....that was the hardest part of my parenting life so far, at about Avery's age (a little younger) and fighting during naptime...Oh my goodness. So my suggestion to you is that if she stays in her crib....keep her there as long as you can!!!!
I know every kid is different, but we mistakenly (in hindsight of course!) switched Carson to a twin bed way too soon, in fact, has was about 20 months, but Livi was coming, and we didn't want him to resent her for having to give up his crib to the new baby, and we thought he would be just fine. He did great at night for the most part, but nap time was another story. I have horrible memories of standing at his door holding it shut while he tantrumed inside and just wouldn't go to sleep, or stay in his bed to even try!! And I was SO TIRED from being pregnant and raising a toddler that it was just the worst. With Livi, she was about 3 when we moved her to a bed.....but she has always been a GREAT I guess it just depends on their personality.
I hope whatever you end up deciding, that it works well and you get your rest!!

And....we're expecting a baby in May! Yay!!! Are you going to find out what you are having?
Also....okay, maybe I should just email you since this is so long, but I was wondering how you know Derek and Erin Reiger? I was just looking at their blog and noticed a comment from you...such a small world.

Gloria said...

I am sorry you are having to deal with bedtime troubles, that is the worst, especially when you are pregnant and tired yourself! When we switched Logan to a big boy right at 2 years old, we also set up a pack-n-playin his room. We made a big deal out of the big boy bed and he was very excited, but if he got up, that was it for the night, he had to sleep in the "baby crib". He learned in about 2 nights that it wasn't worth it to get up. Brayden was harder, but I think that was his personality. We ended up just taking every single toy out of his room and putting a child lock on the inside of his door so he couldn't open it. Sorry I don't have better advice for you. We are getting ready to switch our youngest soon (he is 2 yrs, 3 months right now) and I think he'll be another challenge, but we are just giong to do the pack-n-play thing again as it seemed to work before. Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

My lovly wife said to get her a dora the explorer toddler bed. or grandkids loved that bed. it went from destiny to deja. it has side rails on it.