Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swiper No Swiping

Avery's new favorite thing is watching Dora the Explorer (I would say for me is a bit less annoying than Elmo, so that's nice). Avery actually looks a little like Dora :). She is totally glued to the show and is absorbing everything in it... characters, sayings, etc. So this was her dialogue with Brian this morning over breakfast (inspired by Dora... if you know anything about Dora, this will make perfect sense):

AVERY: [Eating her cereal] "Uh-oh!"

BRIAN: [Acting surprised] "What!"

AVERY: "I hear Swiper fox! That sneaky fox try to swipe my milk!"

BRIAN: "What do we say when we see Swiper?"

AVERY: "Swipy no swipy!" [slight pause] "Ohhh mann!"

Let me just say that she will have these little interactions ALL day long and at totally random moments. It is so so funny! We love watching her having these pretend moments." Pin It


You with us said...

So cute! Have you seen the Brian Regan bit about Dora? He jokes about the simplest song ever written: "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the MAP!"

Michelle said...

Yes, that Brian Regan is hilarious! Olivia adores Dora as well, in fact we are watching a little Dora video right now! Dora drives me crazy, but Livi just loves it, and it makes her so happy.