Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas '09

Christmas in the Schultz house was really fun, a little (or a lot) chaotic, and way too much good food! Avery LOVED the Christmas tree this year and helped us decorate it. She was enamored with one star on the bottom and held it and looked at it probably every day for the month of December.

On Christmas eve we went to church and got the kids all dolled up. Avery loved her dress and kept saying, "I look like a princess!" Which... she did.

Avery and her cousin Rachel were precious!

Avery loved twirling her skirt.

I couldn't resist snapping this shot of her staring at a candle... pretty cute.

She was pretty funny on Christmas morning and wasn't so thrilled about opening all the presents, but she was definitely excited about her Dora cell phone and the stuffed cat she got from Grammy. Halfway through opening presents she actually wanted to watch Dora (which she did for a while). So, there you go!

Both Brian's and my parents came into town for Christmas which was great. Avery had fun with her Grammy & Grampy.

Santa even came to our house on Christmas day!!! Oddly enough he looks a lot like Grandpa Bob? Avery wasn't too sure about him, but she still was excited to see him none the less and kept saying, "ho, ho, ho!"

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