Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Baby Yet

So, I think that my children would rather stay in the womb than ever come out. Avery was 12 days late and I have a hunch that #2 will hang out until after the due date as well. TOMORROW is the due date and so I am trying to do things to get my mind off being huge and pregnant.

We have scheduled an induction for this coming Wednesday (April 21) and so are thankful to at least see the end in sight. Would you please pray for us? Here are a couple of things you can pray...

~ Hopeful endurance as I wait (and that I wouldn't get discouraged with STILL being pregnant)
~ That God would take away any fear I have about labor
~ That if we have to be induced, for the labor to move quickly and smoothly
~ For the IV to go in on the FIRST try this time (it took them 7 tries with Avery) :)
~ For the baby to be healthy throughout the whole labor & delivery process
~ Lastly, that Jesus would bless our family with joy and peace as we add a new addition to our family

Thank you. We are BLESSED by our friends and family! YOU! Pin It

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You with us said...

It's never easy passing the due date. Jelly Bean was due the 1st of Dec. and I told everyone mid-Dec and it helped me stay a little more relaxed, but still not easy passing the actual day. All of mine were late -- 9 days, 8 days, and 5 days. They should really give a birth range of 3 weeks, don't you think? :)

Praying for you. Especially on the 21st (that was BiggiE's due date by the way).:)