Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Scare With Madison Last Night

So last night around 9pm Brian and I were watching TV when Madison (who was asleep on my chest) started gagging on some mucus and then stopped breathing momentarily. She went limp in my arms and went between choking and not breathing for what seemed like an eternity. Brian called 911 and the EMTs came super fast to our house.

What happened following feels like a big blur. They began sucking stuff out of her nose and mouth and then got her in the ambulance. I hopped in the front seat and we raced to the hospital. I was totally in a fog. It was truly a moms worst nightmare. When we made it to the hospital her color has returned and she wasn't on oxygen anymore. But it was so hard to see my little girl hooked up to all kinds of monitors.

In the ER, I was greeted by our good friend Jen who is a nurse there (so grateful for her!). I lost it. But Madison was quick to stabilize and was sleeping peacefully shortly after we got there. I was exhausted from the whole ordeal.

They kept Madison overnight to monitor her oxygen levels. She was a champ and slept thru most everything. I will say that I've never appreciate the cry of a baby so much in all my life. She did great overnight last night and we were released from the hospital this morning. We need to keep watching her after she nurses just to make sure she continues to do okay.

Needless to say, Brian and I are nervous to be home and anxious about this happening again. We are SO grateful for the many prayers of friends, family, and supporters. Thank you! And we would love to ask for continued prayers for peace over our household... and that we would rest in Jesus, cast all our anxiety on Him, and that Madison would continue to be healthy.

Sorry if this was a jumbled mess to read... reflects much of how I feel right now (a bit of a mess). Love to you our friends and family.

Here's our precious daughter sleeping last night all hooked up to monitors.

PS. I am overwhelmingly thankful for the EMTs and Firefighters who came to our house! They brought peace to a very stressful situation! Pin It


Sela said...

So glad she's doing okay now! We'll keep praying for her. Let me know if Avery would like to come over for a playdate soon too, I'm sure Kahlen would love it!

Michelle said...

Wow Rachel! I can only imagine how awful that must have been to see her struggling like that and having to go in an ambulance! I'm so glad she's alright, and I hope it doesn't happen again! She's a cutie pie, I love her hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, super scary. VERY grateful she is okay. We'll be praying for you guys. BTW, she's beautiful, well done :)


meaghan said...

so sorry rachel! how scary!! i can't imagine...

You with us said...

I am so glad that Madison is okay. I can only imagine how you felt and are feeling. So true about appreciating the cry of a baby after something like that happens. Hugs to you and your family. I'll keep praying for you. OXOXOXOX