Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Avery loves her little sister and helps out as much as she can. She is hilarious and loves to give Madison kisses. I have to chuckle that every time I change Madi's diaper Avery says, "Mom, let me see her poop!" Classic. And Avery also wants to be like mommy and nurse... she will grab my pump, lift up her shirt, and pretend to "pump milk."

A little update on me: The last few days have been pretty long and tiring. My body is in the throws of healing and I went to the ER two times because of abdominal pain... nothing conclusive found (although they were worried about an appendicitis), for now I just have to be aware of any change in pain. So, needless to say, I've had lots of moments of feeling overwhelmed (not just because of a newborn). Right now I'm just praying for healing and energy. And praying for sweet Avery as she continues to adjust to life with a baby at home. Pin It


The Robinson Family said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Hope you feel better soon and that the adjustment goes smoothly for everyone.

The Swires said...

Hey! Love your family photos! What precious girls you have! We'll be praying for you! May the pain go away and may you have extra strength and energy!