Monday, August 02, 2010

Avery The Explorer

Surprise surprise we had a Dora birthday party... Avery woke up from her nap and came out to all the decorations and when she saw them her eyes lit up and she screamed, "DORA PARTY!"  So we had 3 of her friends over... Luke, Ben, & Lacy.  It was an AWESOME time and Avery LOVED it!

I made Dora & her friends on cupcakes.  It was so fun!... Avery had to eat Dora.

One of Avery's favorite parts of her birthday was the "adventure" we went on to find the BIG PINATA! I gathered the kids and gave them their "Backpack". And asked them, "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?" To which Avery yelled out, "THE MAP!" So the kids opened their maps... First stop... The Bubbly Tunnel.

Now we have to cross the Troll Bridge...

Who's the Troll??? That sure looks like dad! Avery ran up to him and he sang the "troll song" and she totally took charge and asked, "Mr. Troll, can we cross over your bridge?" They all had to "solve the riddle" before they crossed over.

Avery & Lacy used their binoculars to look for the next place... so cute!

The last place before the Big Pinata was the "Treasure Pool"... the kids fished out a bunch of coins (TREASURE!).

Avery and her buddy Ben.

Our two little princesses.

Our present to Avery this year was an old suitcase filled with dress up clothes. She wanted to wear one of her new princess dresses, crown, TONS of necklaces (thanks Grammy), and clip-on earrings. She LOVED the dress up clothes and wore this outfit out to lunch (her choice: Qdoba) and it was so precious!  And check out Brian... cool shades dad!
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McBunni said...

CUTE party idea! Happy b-day little Avery!

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi, Rachel & Isaiah said...

even though we see her a I'm sad we missed this! What an awesome party you threw. Love little Avery so much and I'm glad she had a blast! Can't wait to see what Madi likes and you do for her!