Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bedtime Prayers

Last night when I was putting Avery to bed we came to "prayer time" which usually involves her saying the same thing every night... pretty cute, really.  But last night was a bit different.  So, she was in the process of picking her nose (a habit not so easy to break for her), and after said her "normal" prayer she said,  

"And thank you God for Avery picking her nose." 

I about lost it!  I laughed for the rest of the night thinking about it.  I can only imagine that God was smiling too and this beautiful and funny little girl just being honest about what she was thankful for.  Pin It

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You with us said...

Hilarious! We have a friend whose 3-year-old calls boogers "nose snacks". These kids, I tell ya;)