Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Pics

So our sweet friend Meaghan took some pics of our family and she is the best for doing this for us!!!!  Here are just a few of our favs... thanks Meaghan!  And... it was nice to actually be IN pictures since I usually find myself behind the camera.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cutie In A Green Dress

Madi was all dolled up and we just had to take some pictures.
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A little playdough spaghetti... yum

She looks like an Italian mobster wearing all kinds of bling.  She always has to wear them facing her palm so she can look at them more easily. Pin It

4 Month Old Sweetie

This little girl is one of the most precious babies... she smiles ALL the time and it has been a joy to watch her grow.  She is so alert, she loves to watch Avery run around and act crazy, and she has found her toes... they almost make it into her mouth (I'm sure that will come soon).
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Who Needs Paper?

Who needs paper when you have mom's legs?  This... is how I spend my days.
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