Monday, February 28, 2011

Papaw Reed: August 28, 1919 - February 28, 2011

This morning my grandfather took his first breath of celestial air.

G.E. Reed was his name, but we all called him "Papaw."  He was an incredible man, who lived an incredible life.  He flew airplanes in WWII... oh the adventures he had!  One of my favorites has to be how they would stock the cockpits of the planes full of beer, then fly over the Himalayan mountains and back, unloading ice-cold beer for all the soldiers.  Classic!  Papaw built houses and churches all over Colorado and Texas.  And he was one of the best golfers I've ever known.  When he was 80, he had shot 100 games UNDER his age... now that is something!  He also won $100 from Lee Trevino in a golf tournament.  When he was 90, he could go out and shoot in the mid-70s... I don't know if you know anything about golf, but that is GOOD.  I am imagining that perhaps he may be playing a round with Jesus as we speak.

My grandmother, Sue (Mamaw) is living and I am praying for joy amidst grief, peace, and hope for what is to come.

I miss him.  And yet, I rejoice that he has seen Jesus face-to-face and is free from this world!

Papaw, I love you.  And I will see you in heaven one day!

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

9 Months Old

Yes... I can't believe she is NINE months old.  Lots of teeth coming in, starting to army crawl, and smiles with her eyes.  We love her!
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Go Pack Go!

This morning, Brian started the day off with the band Garbage's rendition of "Go Pack Go"... Avery and Brian danced around the house screaming "Go Pack Go!"  And, I'm not going to lie, I think he played that song a good 10 times.  I guess it worked!  Go Packers!!!!  And if you happened to hear a loud scream at the end of the game, that was Brian screaming and jumping for joy on our front porch.  [Quick side note: We had some friends over to watch the game and one of the kids was watching as Brian went outside to celebrate.  He looked up at his dad and said, "Dad... what in the WORLD is he doing?!?"  Classic.]

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Friday, February 04, 2011

The Puddle

This is such a precious video!  Avery has this entire book memorized (one of many she could quote from memory) and I had to capture it... it's a little long, but worth it.  I love that she tries to do different voices for the characters!  I know it's a little quite, but I hope it will make you smile!  PS. The book she is reading is called "The Puddle" by David McPhail... such a beautiful and creative kids book!  Go check it out! 
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