Sunday, February 06, 2011

Go Pack Go!

This morning, Brian started the day off with the band Garbage's rendition of "Go Pack Go"... Avery and Brian danced around the house screaming "Go Pack Go!"  And, I'm not going to lie, I think he played that song a good 10 times.  I guess it worked!  Go Packers!!!!  And if you happened to hear a loud scream at the end of the game, that was Brian screaming and jumping for joy on our front porch.  [Quick side note: We had some friends over to watch the game and one of the kids was watching as Brian went outside to celebrate.  He looked up at his dad and said, "Dad... what in the WORLD is he doing?!?"  Classic.]

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Aaron, Andrea, Malachi, Rachel & Isaiah said...

These have to be my favorite pictures of Brian and the girls...I LOVE THEM! What a great story for years to come!

Shanole said...

Avery is ADORABLE in the pic by herself with pig tails!