Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hungry Little Caterpillar

Madison is ONE YEAR OLD!  Yep, her birthday was on Easter this year.  We had a little party for her on Saturday and it was precious.  When everyone sang "Happy Birthday" she just laughed and smiled.  And let me just tell you how much she LOVED her cupcake... she literally didn't take it away from her mouth for a good 10 minutes... she just "sucked" the goodness right out of it!

My mom made a "hungry caterpillar" hat for Madi... it was so cute!

 LOVIN' the cupcake!

Our sweet friend's daughter Mirabelle ALSO loved the cupcakes!  Check this out!  A nice little green "gift" for her mommy. :)

I love you Madi!  Happy Birthday sweet girl! Pin It