Monday, May 23, 2011

If You Need Me...

At the park two days ago with some friends, here was a classic Avery moment:

The gang is sitting down eating lunch and when Avery finishes, she stands up to go play on the playground.  A few moments later, she came running over to us...

Avery:  "Everyone!  Everyone!  I have something important to tell you!"
Me:  "What is it honey?!"
Avery:  "There is a special birthday party over by the horses!  You guys can all come when you are done!"
Me:  "Sounds great!"
Avery:  "I'll be over there (pointing to the horses), but if you need me go "whoooo whooo" (imagine a high pitched squeal-like sound)..." she cupped her hands around her mouth when she said that.  And then she just darted away.

We all burst into laughter!  Avery is one of my most favorite little people, she's got the greatest imagination and the funniest sense of humor! Pin It

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You with us said...

She sounds like such a cute mover and shaker. :)