Sunday, June 19, 2011


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Free Association For 3 Year Olds

If you have spent any time with toddlers, this will be all too familiar.  This is what my days are like... so enjoy the ride as you travel along the free flowing thoughts of our 3 year old.  And if you can't hear the beginning of what she is saying, she is starting to tell me a story. 
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Little Potter

Avery and I took a pottery class together this spring and had an awesome time!  She LOVED playing with the clay and was very excited to make her little ceramic cats, bunnies, and cupcake!  And I think the finished products turned out pretty great... the only problem with having these cute little critters is that she wants to play with them all the time (hard to remember they are breakable!).

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Trip To Grammy & Grampy's House

Last month we flew to Wisconsin for Brian's sister's wedding... other than the wedding, we had a great time with his family.  Here are some of our favorite shots...

Avery's favorite pastime at Grammy's house... playing with their cats.

Oatmeal tastes so much better when it's all over your face.

Hangin' with Grampy at the zoo.

Looking at the giraffes.

Look at these sweet girls!

Little princess... seriously, she didn't want to take this crown off.

Wow.  Love love love this picture!

Passing the time at the airport... spent a LOT of time there with delays and canceled flights.
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Africa Avery

Yesterday... sitting on Avery's bunk bed.

Avery:  "Mom, we are in Africa... I'm Africa Avery."
Me:  "Am I Africa Mommy then?"
Avery:  "No... you are in Kilimanjaro.  Hi Kilimanjaro Mommy!"

Other than laughing, I was asking myself two questions:
1.  How in the world does she know that word?
2.  Where in the world is Kilimanjaro?

So, these last couple of days, Avery's bedroom has been deemed "Africa."  I'm okay with that. Pin It

Monday, June 06, 2011

Aunt Bethany & Uncle Sam

We spent 6 days in Wisconsin last week for Brian's sister's wedding.  "Aunt Bethany and Uncle Sam" as Avery refers to them.  It was such an awesome wedding!  Unlike any we have ever been to, but such a precious time.  Brian performed the ceremony and I took their pictures.  Beth was stunning and the neatest part was seeing how God worked something miraculous in restoring her and Brian's relationship.  So cool!  So, here are just a couple of my favorite pics from the wedding...

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