Sunday, June 19, 2011

Africa Avery

Yesterday... sitting on Avery's bunk bed.

Avery:  "Mom, we are in Africa... I'm Africa Avery."
Me:  "Am I Africa Mommy then?"
Avery:  "No... you are in Kilimanjaro.  Hi Kilimanjaro Mommy!"

Other than laughing, I was asking myself two questions:
1.  How in the world does she know that word?
2.  Where in the world is Kilimanjaro?

So, these last couple of days, Avery's bedroom has been deemed "Africa."  I'm okay with that. Pin It

1 comment:

You with us said...

What a little adventurer. So, did you look up Kilimanjaro? That Avery is pretty smart -- Kilimanjaro is in Kenya (it is the tallest mountain in Africa).

I wish I could see Avery live!