Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Birthday 4 Year Old!

On July 31st... Avery turned 4!  I can hardly believe it.  She is truly a joy in my life and even in the hard moments with her I am overcome with love for her.  We laugh hard together.  We play hard together.  And Brian and I look at each other often just to acknowledge how precious of a little girl our sweet Avery Joy is. 

Here's a few snapshots from her "Rainbow Painting Party"... which, fyi... TOTAL BLAST! 

Avery helped with the cake... THIS...

Plus this...


Grandma brought rainbow hair color which they both were sporting with great pride!

We covered a large part of our fence with paper and let the kids go nuts with the paint... the other parents and I just looked at each other because it was the quietest birthday party we had ever been at!  (note to self)

The artists in front of their masterpiece!

Had to have a pinata!!!!

This is one of Avery's good buddies... she LOVES Lacy!
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matt & sarah said...

Rachel- How cute! That cake is amazing!!! Delia wants a rainbow party for her birthday next month- you're giving me great ideas! -Sar

You with us said...

Rachel- you know how I love birthday cakes. This one is awesome! I love, love, love that the cake itself was rainbow. So cool.

Looks like it was a great party for a great girl.