Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Little Soccer Player

Avery had her first soccer game today.  It was a hoot... and I will add that her team also got OWNED (the other team was seriously stacked!).  But they hung in there.  The best part was at the beginning of the game when the whistle blew the other team ran right at the ball and our team just stood there watching them take the ball down the field and score.  So funny!  Our sweet girl did a great job running, she kicked the ball a few times, and spent a large portion of her time on the field biting her nails.  Avery was wiped out by the end.  She did, however, enjoy the orange slices and juice boxes though.  We scored 3 goals... I'm pretty sure the other team scored 30 or so!  Oh... and Brian is their coach... "Coach Dad"... Avery LOVES that!

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Anonymous said...

love the photos of brian in the huddle and avery hugging him, awesome moments, thanks for sharing.

mike mccubbin