Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Advent

I was thinking that I would love to have something to help our family think toward Thanksgiving with more intention.  After all, we start talking about Christmas almost a month before it comes!  So after some Google searches and thinking it through, this is what I came up with!

I'm super excited about it!

How I made it:  
  • 24 envelopes with cards + 24 multi-colored papers glued to the envelopes + 24 white numbers glued to paper...
  • 24 multi-colored thin ribbon pieces tied to the top of the cards... 
  • 4 12 inch cork board tiles + 1 1/2 rolls of thick brown ribbon glue into a checkerboard pattern... Attached the envelopes to the ribbons with metal brads & hot glue.  
  • Typed out Thanksgiving topics & verses glued to cards.  
    • Click HERE for the .pdf of my topic/verse cards.

Here's our 24 Days Of Thanksgiving Advent:

I find myself looking so forward to spending time in a season of gratitude.  I am learning so much about it these days and this little project really fanned that excitement! Pin It


Sela said...

So can you share your topic and verse tags?? That is super-cute!! but I seriously do not have time to come up with and create the words.

You with us said...

What a great idea! And it looks so cute.

I have pumpkin and turkey post-its that the kids write write things they're thankful for (that's as crafty as I can manage at the moment). :)

The English's said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea! I love seasons of advent and I was just talking with JT about doing something like this. Thanks for sharing!

Kim Allard said...

I might have to steal this idea! We find ourselves constantly wishing this and wishing that rather than being thankful for right where God has us and ALL that He blesses us with. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

Barb and Andy said...

you inspire me, friend. I love that God gave you as a mom to your little people. I learn from you in the ways we are different. So grateful for your friendship.