Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween 2011

Avery picked out the costumes for the entire family this year.

The rundown:  Ladybug (Avery), Strawberry (Madi), Pirate (Dad), Rock Star (Me... of course).

As you can imagine, Madi was the cutest strawberry you've ever seen.  Avery also gave Brian a pirate name:  Cubby.  Cubby the Pirate.  Sounds fierce doesn't it?  And I had to smile that she picked a rock star for me... I'm not going to complain about that!

I must say that when I got decked in my rocker gear I had a bit of an alter-ego moment.  It was pretty awesome to pretend to be something that is SO not me.  In fact, when friends saw me at our church carnival, they hardly recognized me.  Pretty funny.  I'm keeping the wig and the purple eyelashes for sure!

On the other hand, Brian wasn't so thrilled that his new nickname is Cubby!  Even as I type this I have to giggle at that.  So, of course, being the gracious wife I am, I encouraged Avery in her desire to see her dad be a pirate... "we should get an eye patch!"  "how about a parrot?"  "dad definitely needs to say "arrrgh matey!" "Avery, that is a great idea!"" To which Brian just shook his head.... and went along.  What a good sport!

Avery and Madi had a blast going trick-or-treating!  Madi would walk up with her big sister and knock on the door with her.  And when Avery would grab a piece of candy, of course, Madi joined right in.  Avery excitedly dumped her candy out on the floor when we got home and counted every piece... 20 pieces!  She was pretty excited!

Anyhow, here is a glimpse of our fun Halloween in pictures...

Malachi, Avery, Rachel, Rafe, & Benson... good friends.

Avery and her good friend Lacy... so cute!

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You with us said...

You guys look great!

Rachel, I am serious, you could seriously pull off that pink hair every day. I realize pink might not be your thing -- how 'bout blue or something. You look great!