Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go Go Mommy!

So I just posted a video that I showed last Thursday at CRU... and I feel equally obligated to show a video that "aired" for the first time that night as well.  It was my "intro" video that the emcee played before I got up to speak (it was a surprise to me).  Really... there isn't much I need to say about it, except that my husband is awesome for putting it together, and my girls are so much fun!  I smiled the entire time!

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All Is Grace

I spoke last Thursday at our CRU weekly meeting and this song was at the conclusion to my talk.  The pictures are images from my journey toward grateful living.  It's a beautiful song.  So here is "All Is Grace" by Shaun Groves... enjoy.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots Of Love

Here's the scene:  Avery walks up to Madi and cups her face in her hands.

Avery:  Madi, look at me.  Look at my eyes.
Madi:  [Looks at Avery]
Avery:  Madi, I love you.  Pause.  God loves you.  Pause.  And, we get to watch a show!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Smile

I am exhausted.  But isn't that just the plight of every mom? 

However, in my exhaustion, I smile. 

I smile at Avery dancing like a crazy woman to a Michael Jackson song. 
I smile at Madi saying, "Night night Cayeb (Caleb)" to her new little cousin.
I smile at driving with the window down in the middle of February... even with snow on the ground!
I smile at my girls laughing hysterically about who knows what.

I promise I will re-enter the blog world... I'm certain you will smile too once I finally get some pics of my little cuties posted. 

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