Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Avery Joy

And here is Avery... you got an update on Madi and here is her big sister.
Avery... who thinks she is Madi's mom most days
Avery... who thinks that when she turns 5 that means she will go to school and lose a tooth
Avery... who has the most tender heart and experiences emotions very deeply
Avery... who LOVES to love people
Avery... who is a natural encourager of others
Avery... who has her father's lungs and demonstrates that by screaming on occasion
Avery... who is learning how to read... one of my very favorite things to do is watch and listen to her read!  How cool is that?

Avery and I are very much alike, and I think she is awesome!

Some of Brian's guys that are Avery's best buds... they played Pretty Pretty Princess together.  Avery won.

Avery really wanted me to paint her face today... so I did.

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