Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Madi Hope

In efforts to update you all here are some snapshots of our sweet little Madison Hope...

a girl who loves to perform, has an impressive sense of humor, smiles a lot, loves to cuddle, marches to the beat of her own drum, is tough as nails (thanks to her sister), loves to sing, is smart as a whip, and has stolen our hearts completely.

She is also talking like it's nobodies business.  Here are some "Madi words" for your reading pleasure:
"Slap" - translation: Lap, as in, "can I sit on your lap?"
"Paypoo" - translation:  Paper
"Milky" - translation:  Milk (we hear this one often)
"Madi's tooon" - translation:  "Madi's turn!"
"Aiya" - translation:  All done
"Caiya" - translation:  Color (aka. give me crayons, now!)
"Hode you" - translation:  Pick me up... now.

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