Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Friends & A Photo Shoot

We had Madi's 2nd Birthday party today (even though her birthday is the 24th) and had some good friends come.  We are so grateful for God's blessing us with such great people... they are a gift! 

And so I did a little "photo shoot" of two of their kiddos... Here are Mira (on the left) and Cora (on the right).  Two precious little things who I have grown to just adore!  I had to toss in a few funny ones in the bunch.  Love you Jeremy & Kayt!!!

Not so thrilled anymore

I LOVE Mira's face in this!

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Flour Drawings

I decided to get a little (or a lot) messy with the girls last week with a really fun activity... "flour drawing."  It consisted of two cookie sheets, 2 cups of flour, 2 aprons, and 4 little hands.  The girls LOVED it!!!!  I mean, there was flour everywhere, but they had the best time ever.  Creating things, and drawing in the white powdering dust, having imaginary cooking shows, it was awesome.  I was able to capture some of the fun as well as the aftermath. 

Making flour mountains

Look very closely...

Can you see the footprints???

Looks terrible, but actually only took about 15 minutes to clean up... so perhaps something I might do again!

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Easter '12

We had such a great Easter... maybe the best we've had.  Good friends and family... and LOTS of kids.  10 to be exact!  Here are a few snapshots to capture the day...  And Avery and Madi LOVED their dresses.

Madi loved this

Isaiah... found a few and ate everything inside

Precious Evelyn Murphy.... showing off her eggs

All the kiddos


Caleb (this is such an awesome picture!)


Hannah... precious girl


Isaiah (mouth full, of course)

Abigail (blinded by the light)

Avery Joy

My sister's family... great pic!  I especially love the look on Isaiah's face

My sis & her new little man Caleb... I love that little man!

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