Sunday, August 05, 2012


For Avery's 5th Birthday she told me she wanted a "chocolate birthday party."  I figured... I can work with that.  And let me tell you that every woman she told that she was having that kind of party was so jealous of her.  My favorite comment was that Avery was "wise beyond her years."  LOVE IT! 

A woman loves her chocolate.  So we did it all... chocolate candy bar invitations, chocolate fountain, chocolate music (see the bottom of this post for the playlist... really fun kids music!), chocolate pinata, chocolate milk, chocolate cake.... and then I gave toothbrushes for party favors!  We had the best time ever and it was such a blessing to have such sweet friends join us to celebrate our precious girl.

A few highlights from the party...
-Malachi (her cousin) walked in and looked in my bedroom then said with a sigh, "I thought your bed was going to be made of chocolate!!!"
-We did the game "guess how many m&ms in the jar" game... here were the responses:  "50 thousand 40", "50 hundred 10", "3", "68", then Madi said, "Orange."  Not bad.  The right answer was 125.
-Faces COVERED in chocolate!
-Watching the parents beat that pinata to death!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

The rundown (left to right): Malachi, Isaiah, Lexi, Gracie L, Madi, Gracie F, Mira, Avery, Rachel

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Online Food Safety Certification said...

Cute theme for Avery's birthday party. I love the fondue and the big chocolate! Wonderful!

matt & sarah said...

Delia's request for birthday parties this year have been: purple party, purple princess secret agent party, ninja party, and now purple CHOCOLATE party after seeing Avery's party. It looked like so much fun!

You with us said...

What a fun party! I love Malachi's comment about the bed and the photo of Avery on the slip'n'slide.

Love you sooooo much!