Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recycled Shirt Dress

Last year a good friend made some dresses for the girls using old t-shirts and attaching them to a skirt.  So cute.  So... I decided to try to tackle one myself.  Here is my first attempt at a long sleeve dress for Avery. 

I found the cutest fabric and thought it just needed to be a dress.  Whimsical and beautiful!  I'm excited about how it turned out, and it really was pretty easy!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Leaf Rainbow

We have so enjoyed the beauty of the fall this year.  The girls and I went on a "leaf hunt" to find leaves of every color and had Avery lay them out in groupings of color.  She had a great time making a "rainbow" of leaves. 

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Spa Time

The girls and I decided we would do a little foot soak and paint our toe nails.  They LOVED it!  And I have to admit that I did too.  The best part was when they asked Brian what color he wanted his toe nails to be.  (He didn't get his painted... this time)

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I Am The Rockstar

Check out this note that Avery wrote to her teacher...

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Enjoying The Front Porch

I just had to capture this picture.  Brian and Madi just sat there enjoying the cool morning air.

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Go Little Puppies!

Avery's soccer team this year decided that their team name should be the "Little Puppies."  Fierce, I know.  Our first game was a face off between the Little Puppies and the Pink Cougars.  You can guess who won.  I'll just say that our team has improved from the first game!

Other than a lame team name, Avery is having a lot of fun playing this year.  She is a great encourager of her teammates, has started to engage with the ball more, and smiles the whole time.  And if she's feeling in the mood, she does a little jig on the field when the ball goes by her.  Pretty cute.

So... go Little Puppies!

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