Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Halloween '12

The girls had a FUN Halloween!  Avery's Halloween parade at school was about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  She smiled the whole time... that is, when she wasn't chewing her nails. 

This year, the girls wanted to be fairies from Tinkerbell.  Avery was Silvermist (looks just like her with the dark hair and all), and Madi was Rosetta (again, red hair to match).  I had so much fun making their costumes.  And they were in heaven, floating and twirling around like they were in a magical land.  I loved watching it!

Trick-or-treating was pretty classic too.  My sister and her family joined us, along with a new staff family from Slovakia (their girls had fun... it was their first ever trick-or-treating experience).  The older kids RAN the entire time.  They enjoyed the candy for sure!

And then... we crashed. 
Our little Rosetta

Madi got to join in on Avery's class for the parade

A little fuzzy... sorry

Avery's teacher... Mrs. Lamb

Candy Corn Bingo

The girls informed me that if they were fairies, that I needed to be Tinkerbell... here's the best I got

Honestly... could I have gotten a worse picture... closed eyes, funny grins, oh my.  They just wanted to go get candy!

Quick side note:  A friend shared a GREAT idea with me about what to do with the buckets of candy after Halloween.  So we told the girls they could "sell" us their buckets for some new art supplies, a craft, or a new book.  I took them to Hobby Lobby, they picked out what they wanted, we got home, and without any fight they handed me their buckets!   Thank you Christie!

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Mandy said...

Seriously? You made those costumes, Rachel? They're adorable! And I think you're the cutest Tinkerbell ever. :-) It's good to see all your faces on here. We miss you guys! And appreciate you tons!

p.s. I was planning on doing some kind of Halloween candy buy-back with Caleb, but we just keep eating it. :-)