Sunday, May 05, 2013

Snow Day #2

April 17th.
It's STILL springtime.
18 inches of snow.
I love Colorado.
The whole time I was outside building a snowman (before I demolished it in frustration) was, "why am I doing this?  I want to be working in my garden, not playing in the snow!"

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Easter '13

10 kids.
300 easter eggs.
Lots of chocolate.
Good friends.
That's a good time.

Easter this year was such a blessing! Family and good friends made it a sweet day. Our good friends Alex & Christie brought their kiddos over which was such a gift.  So thankful for how God has blessed us with sweet community.
Pre-egg hunt warmup

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A Rare Picture With Avery

How often am I ever actually IN a picture?  Pretty much never.  So this was a treat.  Hanging out in the hammock on Easter... enjoying a sunny day!

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Soccer Season Again

Avery has enjoyed soccer again this year, although we aren't sure if it will be her sport.  She mostly enjoys hopping around the field, watching her shadow, and listening the occasional ice cream truck driving by.  So we'll see.  But she has enjoyed playing and making new friends!

Avery looks thrilled

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Super Madi!

Who wouldn't want to be rescued by such a cute supergirl-princess-incredible-superhero?  Honestly.

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Snow Day #1

March 23rd.
It's springtime.
12 inches of snow.
Welcome to Colorado.

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Trip to Grandma's

It was really forever ago that we took this trip, but better late than never in posting pictures.  We had so much fun!  And so did the girls... I mean, who wouldn't love eating pancakes every morning, jelly beans throughout the day, and making chocolate covered strawberries with grandma???

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Sister Time

Amidst the BLIZZARDS we have been having there have been a few beautiful days when the girls could get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Avery is almost ready to put the pedals back on her bike... which is a HUGE accomplishment for my sweet daughter who struggles to persevere in learning new things.  And then there's Madi... just as cute as can be with sass to match.

I just happen to catch them in a rare moment of sisterly harmony...

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Bowls For A Friend

I have been LOVING throwing porcelain clay in my pottery classes.  It is super challenging, but when it works it turns out beautiful.  I made this set of 6 small bowls for my friend Mia.  I'm pretty pleased!

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Good Friends

Avery loves her sweet cousin Rachel.  They are such cute friends (most of the time).  Thought this picture would make you smile. 

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