Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lady Tramaine & The Stepsisters

Walking by the carousel we stumbled upon the wicked stepmother and stepsisters from Cinderella.  They were my personal favorite... Lady Tramaine walked along saying, "Look at me!  How great and wonderful I am!"  It was hilarious.  Anastasia kept falling off the horses on the carousel and the girls just ate it up!  We had to get a pic!!!!

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Elsa and Anna... Pure Magic

This will be the first post of our time in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World this summer.  We got to the park early and closed it down at 11pm.  It was an amazing day!  There is no other word for it other than... MAGICAL. 

The girls got their first princess moment with Anna and Elsa.  You should have seen their eyes.  They were locked onto these two beautiful princesses and stood in awe.  They smiled the whole time as they had a conversation about being sisters, about their favorite kinds of chocolate, and how Madi has freckles just like Anna.

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